Ulysses Fire Service

Ulysses was first implemented in the Fire Service in 2006 for web reporting of incidents, risks, assessments and legal cases. We worked in partnership with the Fire Service to ensure the System met the needs of the FRS and have since developed the risk register to provide a specific web system for the organisations corporate risks.

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“The system they have provided us with is their ‘Ulysses’ software which far exceeded our initial expectations and is now incorporated into our standing procedures for accidents, injuries, risk assessment, corporate risks/governance and our litigation/claims handling. The application they have developed with us to specifically meet FRS needs, involves web reporting of accidents/injuries/near misses/RTCs combined with electronic action email/chase up facility to track investigations/outcomes.

The application has a fantastic reporting tool that far exceeds anything else I have seen. I have attached a couple of standard examples of the reports we now automatically report to our Intranet site to inform the workforce; these are set-up by us to run to specific folders (directly published) and once set-up will run at a predetermined period without maintenance (we run weekly but you have the facility to run hourly if required). In addition we use the system to automatically report data (via email) to senior officers, borough managers etc. on a monthly, quarterly basis (as required by them).

I have been involved in the project to procure this software since the start and can only praise staff at Ulysses for their assistance to develop their standard product (which was NHS based) to be specific to our needs and terminology etc. and roll this out as a ‘FRS’ version of the standard product. I am aware that another FRS has recently procured the same software. An added plus is the amount of database downtime over the past 4/5 years – there hasn’t been any!”

Ulysses Fire Service