Software Solutions for Patient Safety & Risk Management

Ulysses is a company dedicated to the provision of first class software and services to the public sector. The Ulysses Risk Management Systems are already installed in over 100 organisations driving up the standards of Governance, Patient Safety and Customer Services.

With over 20 years' experience in Risk Management, Ulysses has a proven track record in the delivery and implementation of Systems. Our focus on high quality service ensures that organisation get the most out of their partnership with us.

Ulysses manages the full project life-cycle from needs specification, system design and development to implementation and support. In this changing environment, we work in partnership with organisations to develop new systems.

Why Ulysses?

Making Sense of Software

For staff to fully engage and get the most from software, it needs to be easy to use and intuitive. We recognise that people take ownership of software if they feel it has been designed with them in mind. Ulysses is highly configurable and can be mapped to the organisation's workflow, following logical steps and processes. Our customers are actively encouraged to give us feedback on their experience of using Ulysses.


One of our strengths at Ulysses is how quickly we respond to our customers' requirements.

All of the Ulysses software is developed by us and therefore we can reassess development plans and decide priorities based on national initiatives and customer needs. We listen to every request made; if it is a question of usage and we will work with the customer to review processes.

If the requirement involves an enhancement that is in keeping with the software, it is brought into the development plan under our support agreement with the customer.

Customer Support

We understand that when you have a question about the software you are using, it needs to be answered immediately. The experienced Ulysses team is on hand to answer any queries about the software, from "how do I" and "which way is best" to detailed technical queries liaising with the organisation's IT department.

We like to work in partnership with our customers and listen to their feedback, which to us is invaluable to informing the services we provide. With regular user group meetings and development forums, we engage with our customers to support them fully in their use of the System.

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