Customer Support

At Ulysses we provide all our customers with full support to ensure they get the most out of the System. Whether it is setting up the System, generating reports or calling for advice, we are always happy to hear from you. All queries are logged allowing analysis of the issues raised, providing valuable feedback for system design.

The help desk can be contacted via telephone or email, and it will always be answered by someone who knows the Ulysses system in depth.

Unrequested comments from our Ulysses users:
“Have a good weekend and thanks for all the support that you and the guys continue to provide!”

“Thanks for your customer care – as ever. I know the company have been very responsive to our requirements – and this has been so helpful – so thanks again.”

User Group Meetings

The Ulysses User Group meetings provide customers across organisations with a forum to discuss and concentrate on Ulysses in depth. There is always a focus on the systems, with demonstrations of new functionality and discussion of our plans for future development. Customer participation is key to these events, and all users are invited to raise topics before the event as well as during the day. If there are any national initiatives of particular relevance at the time of the meeting, we invite external speakers to join us.

Typically at each meeting we focus on two or three modules that are closely related, such as Complaints, PALS and Litigation. This means that managers covering more than one area can attend for the whole day, others can attend the sessions relevant to their area of interest. The meetings are also held regionally and are strategically placed, so that all customers will be able to attend one of the locations. The invitation is extended to all users at the organisation who would like to participate.

A selection of quotes from attendees:
“Really useful particularly discussion about how different Trusts could use the system. Good opportunity to comment on the system before it is launched”

“As a new customer of the system I found this workshop very useful. Also useful to meet with other Trusts using the system, and the opportunity to see how they utilise different aspects”

“Being able to discuss issues with other Trusts is a great benefit, knowing how other Trusts have dealt with issues helps a great deal too”

“Very helpful hearing from you about the product, as well as other user experiences”

“Learned some really useful tips from the session and the participants”

“Usual high standard delivery of presentation. Staff know their subject and happy to listen to users and to implement user requests”

“Another really good worthwhile day – thank you”

“Very well presented at an easy to follow pace with useful information”

“Pleasant well-presented and informative, friendly team delivery”


Ulysses has successfully implemented the Ulysses Risk Management Systems with many different organisations over the past ten years. As well as following formal Project and Change Management programs tailored to each organisation, we have great experience and understand the risks and factors that need to be addressed for successful software implementations. We work in partnership with you to ensure that Ulysses addresses the needs of your organisation.


Ulysses provides full training at all levels and each training session is tailored to the requirements of the organisation. When a request for training is made, we discuss what you would like to cover on the day and who needs to be trained. If the training involves creating reports to a specific design, we’ll ask you to send us examples so that any preparatory work can be completed. Many organisations have benefited from advanced and/or refresher training for their staff that have been using the System for many years.

At the implementation stage, a training package is put together with time frames and schedules for each day.

Training can be given at your site, or at our purpose built offices in Havant, near Portsmouth.

Feedback about our training:
“The training generated a lot of interaction from the group. Social networking was encouraged”

“Very patient staff/trainers – thank you”

“Training delivered very well with plenty of opportunities to interact”

“Many, many thanks for coming along today and delivering a really good session.  Much appreciated by all of us who were there”

System Development & Updates

Ulysses is under a program of continuous development, with a team dedicated to its development and support. The development program ensures the software is future-proof, with plans for the short and longer term for every module. National initiatives, systems analysis and customer feedback drive forward the development, and upgrades are provided free of charge under the support and maintenance contract. For example, LFPSE and PSIRF are continually developed to remain compliant and are provided to our customers free of charge.

We work with the organisation’s IT department to ensure a smooth update process. Release notes are provided with each update explaining all the changes, and there are examples to show you how to get the most out of the new functionality.

Comments about the system:
“Just a note to say thank you for the new features that you've implemented in the latest version. I recognise several things that I'd requested, so it's great to see them in the new version. Quite a few of the new features will help to make our ongoing web incident implementation project more of a success, as they're all useful and practical things. I think that Ulysses develop software that's very functional and fits our business processes well, I get the sense that the system is continually developed with a true understanding of end user's requirements and practices”

“I just wanted to say, that I’ve always thought the Ulysses system is a very good system and over the years the support from Ulysses staff has been excellent”.

“We love the new updates in the customer services module”